TIWB Experts Round Table & Stakeholders Workshop 2019


Capacity Building Week
18-22 February 2019
OECD Conference Centre - Paris, France 


TIWB Experts Roundtable

18 February 2019 • 09:00-13:00

TIWB Stakeholders Workshop

18 February 2019 • 14:00-18:00


TIWB Tax Audit experts roundtable

The objective of this roundtable discussion is to provide an opportunity for TIWB experts to share experiences and indentify best practices in implementation of TIWB programmes. The TIWB experts will also explore opportunities to build an active community of practice for technical experts focussed on resolving audit issues encountered in developing countries.

*Participation in this roundtable discussion is limited to currently active or upcoming TIWB experts, by invitation only.


tiwb stakeholders workshop

This Stakeholders Workshop brings together tax audit experts, donors, host, and partner administrations, and will take stock of the practical lessons learned over the past four years of TIWB activities. The sessions will seek to shed light on available opportunities for stronger multilateral, regional, bilateral and South-South co-operation in building audit capacity of tax administrations. The results and lessons learned will be fed directly into the planning of TIWB programmes in 2019 and beyond.


Session 1 Panellists: 

  • Yasmine Hammad - Technical Assistant to Vice Minister for Tax Policy, Egypt
  • Yazeed Mohammad - Commissioner General, Maldives Inland Revenue Authority
  • Sumria Mahmood Qazi - Secretary, Transfer Pricing Unit, Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan
  • Dachi Kinkladze - Deputy Head, International Relations Department, Georgia Revenue Service

Moderated by Amna Khalifa, TIWB Project Manager, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD


Session 2 Panellists: 

  • Lee Corrick - Technical Advisor, International Taxation, African Tax Administration Forum
  • Franck Quilichini - Public Finance Inspector, MInistry for the Economy and Finance, France
  • Steffen Scholze - Joint Audits Co-ordinator, Federal Central Tax Office, Germany
  • Thabiso Montsho - UNDP Roster Expert
  • Brian McAuley - Consultant, Tax Policy and Administration, Reform for Domestic Resource Mobilisation, Asian Development Bank

Moderated by Samia Abdelghani, Tax Advisor, Global Relations and Development Division, CTPA, OECD


Session 3 Panellists: 

  • Nilimesh Baruah - Senior Advisor, Tax and Crime, CTPA, OECD
  • Nadia Altenburg - Advisor, International Co-operation and Tax Administration, CTPA, OECD
  • Monica Bhatia - Head of Secretariat, Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, CTPA, OECD
  • Alexandra Readhead - Technical Advisor, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, Tax and Extractive Industries, Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development

Moderated by Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD


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