Retired Tax Expert TIWB Application and Engagement Process

Joining the TIWB Roster of Experts

Tax experts who have previously served within a tax audit capacity in a tax administration may seek further information about participating in a TIWB Programme by filling out the TIWB Tax Audit Expert "Expression of Interest" online. This form is an informal tool to help the Secretariat build a network of interested Experts, ensuring that the Experts are contacted and informed about any future opportunities, including regular newsletters of progress.

Depending on the funding of a specific TIWB Programme, Experts' costs may be covered by either the Host Administration, the Partner Administration, a Donor Partner, or the UNDP-managed TIWB Fund. 

In the case where the Expert's remuneration and programme costs are covered by the UNDP-managed TIWB Fund, the following procedure applies:

Application for the Roster of Experts is open yearly and interested applicants may apply via the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s websiteSuccessful applicants will be informed and placed on the TIWB Roster of Experts for a period of up to three years. (Please note that inclusion in the roster does not guarantee a contract during this period.) Specific assignments for TIWB Programmes will also be advertised via UNDP's website and is open to all candidates. In the event that a potential applicant has questions about the process and needs assistance in filling out the application forms, this may be done by sending an email to

All applications received will be subject to a technical evaluation process. This process is conducted jointly by UNDP and the OECD and is specifically designed to ensure quality assurance including through undertaking reference checks. All vacancies are open to full, public and open competitive procedures and those meeting the requisite qualifications may apply.

UNDP Roster of Experts: Process of Selection of Accredited Retired Expert to Specific Programme

Expert Hands
Rostered experts are contacted when specific service requests arise and will be asked to indicate availability and interest against a specific Terms of Reference (ToR) outlining the outputs of the assignment. Upon secondary selection, Individual Contract (IC) or Reimbursable Loan Agreements (RLA) will then be awarded for these specific ToRs, including detailing the time frame.

‌The Expert receives thereupon an appointment letter from UNDP confirming appointment to the specific TIWB programme, specifying the terms and conditions under which the TIWB Secretariat will assist the Host Administration and the Expert in defining the TIWB programme Terms of Reference, including funding and contracting. The Expert is expected to complete all necessary procedures for ensuring confidentiality and declarations of no conflict of interest as may be required by the Host Administration.

The TIWB Secretariat assists the Host Administration in preparing all necessary logistics and paperwork to enable the Expert to work within the Host Administration.

Activities during the TIWB Programme

Expert WomanThroughout the TIWB programme, the Expert will be expected to file mission reports after every mission to the Host Administration. 

Close Out of the Programme

Once a TIWB Programme draws to a close, the Expert completes a TIWB Programme Evaluation online for submission to the TIWB Secretariat, while the Host Administration also completes a TIWB Programme Evaluation. Both reports are compiled by the TIWB Secretariat to produce a comprehensive Programme Outcome Report.

The Expert is required to maintain confidentiality even after the close of the TIWB programme.