John Christensen

John Christensen was trained as both an auditor and a development economist and is a co-founder and director of the Tax Justice Network International Secretariat, based in London. His current area of expertise is tax havens and their impact on international development. Previously, Mr. Christensen was a company and trust administrator in Jersey, a prominent European tax haven, and served as economic adviser to the Jersey government.

He obtained an honors degree in applied economics and an M.Phil in economics and law from the University of Reading and completed post-graduate studies at Templeton College, Oxford, and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.





"Tackling tax avoidance is crucial to the task of freeing developing countries from aid and debt dependence. Tax Inspectors Without Borders is an important and practical programme intended to support the tax administrations of developing countries with building capacity to audit and investigate the complex and secretive tax avoidance schemes used by multinational companies. The Tax Justice Network applauds this initiative, which we consider a major step towards building the self-reliance of developing countries." - John Christensen


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